Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Improving Visibility Among Analysts and Investors

This small cap specialty pharmaceutical company had fallen out of favor with the healthcare investment community following the FDA’s rejection of its lead product candidate. Thereafter, all analysts dropped coverage and healthcare investors abandoned the company.

Strategy & Tactics
  • We recalibrated the company’s strategy to position it as a higher multiple women’s health drug development company, with a product pipeline supported by the company’s recent acquisition of a pharmaceutical development services business.
  • Specialty pharma analysts and investors were reengaged to showcase the Company’s new strategy and management team.
  • We identified the leading specialty pharma analysts whose research styles fit the client’s new high-growth strategy, market cap range and unique women’s health characteristics.
  • Institutional investors well matched to the client’s industry segment, size and stage of development were identified.
  • We facilitated introductions to these analysts and investors based largely on our pre-existing relationships.
  • A highly targeted approach was adopted: Focused on specialty pharma investors and large institutions with substantial allocations to healthcare, both with small cap growth funds.
  • Stock price increased more than 100%, market cap doubled and average daily trading volumes increased fivefold in the first year of MBS’s engagement.
  • We organized more than 60 meetings/calls with the most recognized specialty pharma investors, sell side analysts and bankers in the sector in the first year of engagement.
  • We introduced the client to approximately 25 of the leading specialty pharma analysts within New York and Boston.
  • The client was successful in garnering coverage from one new sell-side analyst within the first year of implementing our strategy, and is on the cusp of securing other analysts.
  • We introduced the client to approximately 25 healthcare investors, primarily located within New York, and also California, several of whom assumed positions.