Oil & Gas

Achieving Global Standards & Visibility

This leading Latin American exploration and production company had a low profile among global energy investors, limiting its capacity to raise capital and fund expansion. We were introduced through a private equity investor in the Company to improve communication and outreach.

Strategy & Tactics
  • We overhauled the Company’s entire communications program, changing the timing of disclosure in such a way as to provide equal access to information to both local and global investors.
  • All communications materials were reworked to moderate the tone of discussion, which had been overly bullish in projections, in order to enhance management credibility.
  • Meetings with key holders of global E&P stocks were arranged in New York, Toronto and Houston.
  • We obtained invitations for the Company to take part in three of the largest energy conferences in the United States – Tudor Pickering Holt, Howard Weil and Simmons – even though none of these banks covered the stock.
  • Several analysts launched coverage of the stock.
  • The Company attracted global energy investors to the stock.
  • The Company now regularly meets with global investors and participates in key conferences.