25+ Years of Experience

Whatever it is, we’ve seen it before and attack the challenge from every angle

Industry Experts

The buy side, banking, private equity, journalism… we bring all these perspectives to bear

Decade Long Client Engagements

We’re constant advocates for our clients and here for the long term

Tailor Made Programs

Every client is unique, so too are our programs. All our programs are tailor-made


You can’t leave it to the Street to give your company its due. You need someone to advocate constantly and carefully for you. At Affinity, we leverage longstanding relationships with the financial community to ensure your story is heard and resonates.

We devise programs that grab investors and analysts’ attention, while always supporting your overarching strategy.

We direct your company in:

  • What to say
  • How to respond to valid concerns
  • The wisest way to take the market through your story


It’s nearly impossible to fully understand the investors’ perspective. That’s why you need a trusted advisor like Affinity to help expand your lens and provide experienced guidance.

The experts at Affinity have been investors, bankers and reporters on the receiving end of pitches. We help you think like your audience and create tailor-made programs that cut through and create value.


Betsy Brod

Founder and CEO

Kathleen Heaney

Senior Consultant

Ajay Jain

Senior Consultant

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